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With more than 20 years of experience in the domestic market, we have achieved an excellent cooperation with the largest companies in the production and trade of all types of tires in terms of brand and dimensions.

Always focusing on clients and the service to them, we are able to offer at all times the best brands and prices in the market, but at the same time with the best possible service for disassembly, assembly, balancing and vehicle centering.

Our goal is for your choice to be made through maximum transparency on our part by making available the prices, brands and design with the relevant photos which you can consult at any time through this site.
The main activities of the company are:

  • Import
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale and retail sale of tires, rims and vulcanizing equipment.



Tires are installed exclusively by a qualified tire service professional.
Tire interventions are performed with proper training, the right tools and equipment. If you try to mount the tires with incorrect, damaged or missing tools and / or without proper procedures, the tires may explode, which can lead to serious bodily harm or death.


Tire balancing, is the process of equalizing the weight of the tire, combined between tire and wheel in order to fluctuate normally at high speed. Balancing involves placing the tires on a balancer, which focuses the steering wheel and rotates it to determine where the weight should go.


Tire or wheel centering helps your tires perform better and last longer.
It corrects errors in the system that connects tires and wheels to the car’s steering wheel.
This is made possible by the 4 sensors mounted on each of the car’s tires, which read the errors in the connecting system.
How do you know if your car needs to be centered?
If you notice any of the following signs, your car needs to be centered.

  1. Irregular consumption of the inner or outer part of the tire.
  2. The car pulls left or right.
  3. The steering wheel does not stay in the center when you are traveling in straight path.


In the automotive industry, aluminum wheels are wheels that are made of an aluminum or magnesium alloy. Allocations are mixtures of one metal and other elements. They generally provide greater strength to pure metals, which are usually much softer and more elastic.